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At Mahadev Realtors, we understand that owning your own home is one of the most significant steps in your life. With a commitment to integrity, excellence, and personalized service, Mahadev Realtors has emerged as a trusted name in the real estate industry being the top SRA Developers in Mumbai.

Whether you are looking to Redevelop your Slum Project, SRA Scheme, Redevelopment or development under any other scheme, Mahadev Realtors SRA Land Developers is the way forward.

Mahadev Realtors is the answer to many home buyers looking to purchase their dream homes in sale component in our various upcoming slum rehabilitation authority sra projects.

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Distribution of Rent Checks and Member Personal Agreements


What is SRA?

SRA, an autonomous body under the government of Maharashtra, serves as a specialized planning authority dedicated to the rehabilitation of slums situated across various locations, Read More including pavements, roads, private lands, semi-government lands, and government lands—excluding those owned by the central government. Acting with autonomy, SRA focuses on urban development initiatives aimed at uplifting marginalized communities by providing adequate housing solutions and infrastructure development in these areas. Read Less

What is SRA scheme?

"The SRA scheme, acronym for Slum Rehabilitation Authority scheme, operates under a 3P model—Public Private Partnership—bringing together slum dwellers, project promoters or proponents, and governmental bodies. Read More This collaborative effort utilizes land as a valuable resource to generate funds, facilitating the provision of free alternate accommodation to eligible slum dwellers on an ownership basis. In exchange for their participation, builders, developers, and promoters are incentivized with the allocation of saleable built-up areas, enabling them to offset project costs through cross-subsidization. Notably, the scheme is self-funded, encompassing the development of public infrastructure alongside its primary objectives."Read Less

What is Slum?

Slums are crowded neighborhoods in cities where people live in poor-quality homes with few basic services like clean water and toilets. Read More These areas usually form because of too many people moving to cities without enough good housing. People in slums often struggle to get education, healthcare, and jobs. But, efforts to help them include making better homes, improving services, and helping residents build better lives.Read Less

What are the eligibility criteria?

In Maharashtra, eligibility for the SRA scheme typically requires residency in designated slum areas, meeting income criteria, providing relevant documentation, and being an Indian citizen or legal resident.

How to formulate the scheme?

  • Assess needs and formulate policies.
  • Engage stakeholders for input and support.
  • Establish legal and regulatory framework.
  • Foster partnerships for resources.
  • Read More
  • Plan and design projects inclusively.
  • Develop financial strategies.
  • Build capacity for implementation.
  • Monitor and evaluate progress.
  • Adapt to changing circumstances for continual improvement.
  • Read Less

What is the role of the slum dweller in the committee/propose society and what kind of document are necessary or mandatory to be executed with the developers?

Slum dwellers in the committee or proposed society play a role in decision-making, monitoring, and providing feedback on the slum rehabilitation project. Read More They must have documents such as a development agreement, MoU, allotment letter, lease agreement, and relocation agreement with developers to formalize their rights, responsibilities, and agreements during the process.Read Less

What are the responsibilities of slum dwellers?

The responsibilities of slum dwellers include participating in project activities, complying with rules, providing necessary documentation, cooperating with stakeholders, maintaining their homes, engaging with the community, giving feedback, ensuring safety, practicing environmental stewardship, and adhering to agreements.

What are the Benefits of SRA scheme to slum dwellers?

The benefits of the SRA scheme to slum dwellers include improved housing, ownership rights, community infrastructure, social inclusion, economic opportunities, better health and hygiene, enhanced education access, increased security, environmental sustainability, and empowerment through participation and capacity-building initiatives.


At Mahadev Realtors, we boast about our sustainable practices at the workplace since we are firm believers that sustainability is the key to leave a legacy for the future generations to come. We meticulously select eco-friendly construction materials, install energy-efficient technologies, and minimise our carbon footprint to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible.


At Mahadev Realtors, giving back to the society plays a pivotal role as it shapes an attitude for responsible business practices and shows our gratitude to the ecosystem we operate in. As SRA Project Developers in Mumbai, we go beyond mere compliance in order to create a positive impact on society and our environment. Other than having stringent safety measures and workshops for our employees, we also work towards establishing a harmonious relationship between our real estate company and the stakeholders. As SRA Builders in Mumbai, we ensure that through our conscious efforts we make life better and brighter for all the slum dwellers.